GIC 2024 presents India’s premier bioquiz focusing on the latest developments in the field of biotechnology. The event aims to provide a platform for students, academicians and researchers to showcase their innovative ideas in the field of biotechnology. It also provides an opportunity for participants to share their knowledge on research and development in the field of biotechnology.

We successfully held a GIC2023 Bio quiz event across colleges and universities, with over 250 participants registering and 150 in attendance. Here we have 3 winners who will be attending the conference.

NGS Analytics and Genome Informatics Workshop

This satellite workshop Genomics India Conference 2024 is an enriching experience for researchers and professionals seeking to harness the power of NGS data for their genomic studies. By blending theoretical knowledge with hands-on practice and fostering collaboration among participants, the workshop empowers attendees to overcome challenges in NGS data analysis. As genomics continues to revolutionize various fields, this workshop plays a pivotal role in advancing research capabilities and fostering innovation in India’s genomics community.

Genomics & Data analytics

Genomics for healthcare

Personalized Diagnostics

Genomics in Breeding & Agriculture

Genomics for upliftment of society

Sports medicine